A Great Time for Gardening!

purchase seeds? time for gardening!

The recent snow fall here in Wisconsin may have put a damper on things a bit, but now is a great time to plan your vegetable garden for the year.

For those of you who enjoy things like beets and spinach, you may have already gotten started, but if you’re anything like me, I’ve ordered and received my seeds, but I haven’t actually put them into anything but the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a bit longer.

When the time for gardening is upon me, there are a few things I like to keep in mind:

Whether purchasing seeds or plants from the nursery, coordinate your plants so they complement each other

Did you know that if you plant sweet basil around tomatoes they’ll have better flavor? 

Marigold, lavender and other herbs can naturally deter pests?

How about placing your potato plants far away from tomato plants because potato worms will attack tomatoes too?

By choosing plants that grow together well you can increase your yield and have tastier, naturally pest-free fruits and vegetables.

Maximize the growing season by scheduling planting dates on a calendar

is one of my favorite parts of gardening… Think about the growing
season of beets. Of course, some take longer from seed to harvest, but
some varieties are ready to pick 45 days from planting. They also can be
planted into the soil as soon as it is workable. That means, you could
plant beet seeds right now and by Mother’s day, harvest your first crop.

Now, what if you stagger your plantings, so you plant a row
(or a square foot if you do square foot gardening), each week and have
fresh beets for quite sometime before it’s too hot for them to grow. And
once you can’t plant beets any longer, you have space for a totally
different vegetable.

Expand this example to all of the other vegetables and you have endless possibilities! Oh, I love this time of year.

I may want to plant everything under the sun, but I don’t have time to care for everything that grows under the sun

Especially if you’re just getting started in gardening, keep your list of fruits and vegetables to an amount that’s manageable based on the time you have to dedicate to caring for your garden. Nothing can be more painful than to look out your window at your garden after a long day of work and see that you’ve let weeds or lack of watering let the er… fruits of your labor (get it?) waste away.