BioDome Antimicrobial Technology

BioDome Antimicrobial Technology

Protect your home and business for a minimum of 90 days

Water based, food safe anti-microbial protectant that can safely be sprayed on all surfaces including the most delicate surfaces and last for a minimum of 90 days!

Residential treatment. Service includes:

  • Treat all surfaces (including 6 ft high on walls)
  • All surfaces ready for use 10 minutes after treatment
  • White glove service. We care.
  • Patented EPA & FDA Approved Technologies
  • Water based, anti-microbial solution
  • Kills and inhibits the growth of problematical bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses, microorganisms that settle on many of life’s surfaces including walls and fabrics
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • BIOPROTECTED areas last a minimum of 90 days