Cranberry Creek Restaurant and Catering

Cranberry Creek Cafe and Catering

Cranberry Creek Cafe and Catering is Madison’s FIRST CHOICE for catered buffets for all occasions. Graduations, weddings, meetings and more!

Freshest, best-tasting burgers and fresh-cut truffle fries in the city. Burgers ground in-house using humanely raised all natural beef, fries hand cut and blanched using our unique method that produces the crispiest and tastiest french fries.

Breakfast served every day! Fresh bakery, fresh squeezed OJ, organic, fair trade Boom Bros. Coffee, gourmet biscuit sandwiches, signature egg scrambles and benedicts and much more!


1501 Lake Point Dr.

Madison, WI 53713
(608) 222-4803

For catering, call 608-222-9752